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Frequency cap in email marketing and newsletters


So you want to reach without overreaching. Every single marketer ever has been in your shoes.

It's a delicate balance to reach, and getting there isn't easy. You want your audience to see whatever you're offering. Hopefully, they'll engage with it, too, but overexposing them to your message can have the opposite effect.

As marketers, we should always think about our part in avoiding content fatigue for our audience.

Because we sure as hell are the reason for the fatigue in the first place.

Ad platforms have known this for years, and have featured frequency capping to avoid banner burnout, which is the point where visitors are being overexposed and response drops.

This may be true for campaigns of a direct-response nature measured by click-throughs (like a Google Ad campaign), but it might run counter to campaigns of a brand-building nature measured by non-click activity, like newsletters.

This response from Lenny Rachitsky to Web Smith's tweet about a cancellation mail was the inspiration behind this edition:

It sucks that value isn’t tied closer to feeling informed vs. the ability to consuming everything. Then again, if you had a proverbial newspaper in front of you, would you read it cover to cover, every single day?

While it may make sense to keep frequency low at higher stages of the funnel, that's not the case for lower stages.

Prospects who know your brand and have expressed interest in your content generally have a higher tolerance for your branded messages. Ad fatigue sets in later. And that's especially true for retargeting campaigns.

Here's a graph expaining effective frequency in a visual way. After the video, I'll deep dive into this for the email channel, particularly. Let me know if you want me to go over this for other channels.

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